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Canadian author of middle-grade fiction.

Black Hole Radio is a story of best friends...... review gif

Elementary school librarian by day. Science fiction author by night.

Do you believe in black holes, wormholes, wrinkles in time? Are you interested in space travel and alien encounters that lead to amazing adventures? If not, do not open this book. If yes, get ready for a fun-filled adventure to thrill your imagination.

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Black Hole Radio – The series

Fifth-graders Hawk and his best friend Matt are fascinated by outer space and its mysteries. They even have their very own space-club. Little do the boys know that they are about to get a closer look at other galaxies and universes beyond their wildest imaginations. A radio left behind by Hawk’s grandfather opens a wormhole to outerspace – one through which the two fifth-graders are transported to a planetoid in a far-off galaxy. But can our heroes defeat the Boogers from Boogernaut and learn how to deal with their own bully at school? Stay tuned to Black Hole Radio!

Book 2 – Bilaluna

What happens when you have an active wormhole in your garage? Hawk finds out when he invites the new girl Celeste to the space club. The Black Hole Radio summons them down the hyperspace highway…. all the way to Pooponic’s moon, Bilaluna, which is inhabited by giant cyborg insects! Mutated Earth insects – but how did they get there? And how can they stop the climate disaster that forced them to leave Pooponic from destroying their beautiful new home on Bilaluna?

Join Hawk, Matt and Celeste on another intergalactic adventure as they are carried over the treetops by giant cyborg flies, race on the backs of cyborg roaches through an alien rainforest and sip nectar with the Queen Bee at a totally incredible intergalactic tea party! Stay tuned!

Editorial Reviews

Black Hole Radio also sucks readers in and doesn’t let go until the story ends. The vivid descriptions will keep kids and adults entertained. [It] fuels the imagination, while also imparting an important message. It seems that even advanced intelligent alien races can be bullies and even enslave those living on other planets. Friendship, peace, and acceptance are the themes in Black Hole Radio [and] to always follow your passion and believe in yourself.”
—Entrada Publishing Review

Quill says: Get ready for an outer space adventure that sends best friends Hawk and Matt on a crazy ride through all sorts of bizarre alien encounters that will have young readers, particularly those intrigued by space travel, itching to get their hands on the next book, Black Hole Radio – Bilaluna.” Exerpt from Feathered Quill Review

Ann Birdgenaw’s story offers fun action for 8- to 12-year-olds who dream of outer space, aliens, and being heroes. It’s a fine leisure read designed to bring intrigue to all kinds of readers, and excels in capturing interest with a first-person piece that is vividly laced with nonstop action-Midwest Book Review (Children’s Bookwatch Sept. 2021)

Reader Reviews

This book was fun. Younger middle grade readers will find this hilarious story a perfect read. With lots of odd names and crazy happenings kids will love this story! The author knows her audience. As an adult reader I appreciated the little hidden gem references to pop culture. The touching ending is sweet and a perfect way to finish, I am sure readers will look forward to more Blackhole radio adventures.Nancy McConnell, middle-grade author of Into the Lion’s Mouth

Black Hole Radio – Bilaluna by Ann Birdgenaw is a captivating story with a profound message. It imparts immense knowledge about insects and their role in the ecosystem. Three friends Matt, Hawk and Celeste get sucked into a wormhole and are transported to another planet, surrounded by alien creatures but they are amazed that they could communicate with the bugs and the adventure begins! – Balroop Singh, Poet/author of Timeless Echoes

This is an entertaining adventure in the genre of space fantasy for young readers, with great lessons about acceptance and friendship, but also on scientific topics and on the wonderful world of ants and bees and their amazing societies. – Denis Roubien, architect/author

Black Hole Radio series available at: Amazon, Indigo, Barnes&Noble, Alibris, AbeBooks, Bookshop.org & bookstores everywhere.

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