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Black Hole Radio Series Book 4 “LABYRINTHIA”.

Stay Tuned for Labyrinthia, Book 4 in the Black Hole Radio Series!

Hawk, Matt, and Celeste’s adventures are just beginning! They learn to control their special powers to get on the team and win the big basketball game. They are superstars! What can go wrong? Lots, when Hawk gets stuck with Big Mikey as his science buddy, he comes snooping around the clubhouse and the Black Hole Radio . . . Beep! Beep! Beep! Not again! Can the friends survive in the deep dark caves of Planet Labyrinthia? Can they avoid the taser-wielding goons and the monstrous, screeching Hellion to free the alien children enslaved in the mine? Hawk must use his Grandpa’s journals to control the radio, and save them all from the belly of the beast . . . but where’s Mikey! Stay tuned!

“By the final pages, readers will know that the [friends’] adventures aren’t over. Everyone that picks up a copy will be eagerly waiting for the next installment in the story. Anyone that is looking for a fun and imaginative story will enjoy spending time with Hawk, Matt, Celeste, Wolfie, and the rest of their [quirky] friends.” —Entrada Book Review

Ann Birdgenaw

Canadian author of middle-grade fiction. Elementary school librarian by day. Science fiction author by night.

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Ann Birdgenaw, Canada.